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Head and Neck Cancer Support Group

Head and Neck cancer education and support group

About us

Our aim is to provide information and support for those affected by Head and Neck Cancer.

We will invite a guest speaker to discuss a relevant topic, and share stories & tips from other people going through similar experiences.

In July and October last year, we held two community events to connect with 136 patients, carers, family members and healthcare professionals.

We have partnered with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to help support the group going forward, and to provide a location to host the meetings in the Wellbeing Centre.

The formation of this group has been led by the Western Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (WCMICS), following a gap identified in the support available to those affected by Head and Neck Cancer.

Meeting dates in 2020:

  • Thurs     13th February 
  • Wed       8th April
  • Thurs     11th June
  • Weds     12th August
  • Thurs     8th October
  • Weds     9th December


Join us at the Wellbeing Centre on Level 1, at Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre from 12pm to 1:30pm. To register your attendance click here

To visit the Victorian Head & Neck Cancer Education and Support Group website click here