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Accommodation and transport assistance

Cancer care may require travel and overnight stays in Regional centres or Melbourne. 

If assistance is required, speak to:

  • the Social Worker at your treating hospital or GP or practice nurse at your doctor's clinic for more information
  • Cancer Council support services  Call 13 11 20 for additional accommodation and transport assistance advice
We have listed some regional services that GICS are aware of but this does not include every service available. If you know of a service that can be included on this page, please contact us at gics603bebd01bfabbhs603bebd01bfecorg603bebd01bfecau

Victorian Patient Transport and Assistance Scheme

Victorian Patient Transport and Assistance Scheme  assists people in isolated communities to access specialist medical treatment that is not available where they live.   


Uniting Care Community Transport 

Ballarat Health Services - parking and public transport

Ballarat Health Services - accommodation

St John of God Hospital Ballarat - parking, public transport and map

Rotary House - St John of God Hospital Ballarat


Wimmera Health Care Group - Hospital parking and public transport

Wimmera Health Care Group - Rotary House

Stawell and Northern Grampians

Transport options for Stawell

Northern Grampians transport timetable 

If your treatment is in Melbourne

Learn more here