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Wimmera Southern Mallee Cancer Resource Nurse

Wimmera Southern Mallee Cancer Resource Practitioner

Cancer Resource Practitioners (CRPs) are local health professionals who are trained to offer supportive care to people affected by cancer in their own area. They can refer people with cancer to the right services as close to home as possible and offer support and information. CRPs are now located in most Wimmera Southern Mallee health services.

People travel around the Grampians region and beyond for cancer treatment.  Brochures and a ready-reference map make finding a local Cancer Resource Practitioner easier than ever and have been distributed to cancer services throughout the region to help cancer service staff refer patients from the Wimmera Southern Mallee area back to their local Cancer Resource Practitioner. 

The introduction of Telehealth via Health Direct, a web based portal, can link CRPs and their patients to Carmel O'Kane, Oncology Nurse Practitioner and/or their Medical Oncologist in the comfort of their own home. This new service aims to reduce the travel burden of regional cancer patients during their ongoing cancer treatment and care. 
Click here for a brochure about the WSM CRN or click here for a copy of the map.

Cancer Resource Practitioner Contact Details:

Edenhope & District Memorial Hospital
(Edenhope, Apsley and Harrow)
Address: Elsie Bennett Centre, Cnr Lake & Mollison Street, Edenhope 3318
Phone: 5585 9845
Email: crn5d81bccec97cdedmh5d81bccec9804org5d81bccec9804au

Edenhope Hospital Medical Clinic
Address: Edenhope Hospital Medical Clinic, 119 Lake Street, Edenhope 3318
Phone: 5585 9888
Email: crn5d81bccec97cdedmh5d81bccec9804org5d81bccec9804au

West Wimmera Health Service 
(Nhill, Jeparit, Kaniva, Rainbow, Goroke, Natimuk)
Address: 43-51 Nelson Street, Nhill 3418
Phone: 03 5391 4222 
Email: crn5d81bccec97cdwwhs5d81bccec9804net5d81bccec9804au

Minyip Campus
Address: 23-25 Church Street, Minyip 3392
Phone: 03 5363 1200
Email: crn5d81bccec97cdwwhs5d81bccec9804net5d81bccec9804au

Murtoa Campus
Address: 28 Marma Street, Murtoa 3390
Phone: 03 5363 0400
Email: crn5d81bccec97cdwwhs5d81bccec9804net5d81bccec9804au

Wimmera Health Care Group (Horsham Campus)
Day Oncology Unit
Address: 83 Baillie Street, Horsham, 3400
Phone: 03 5381 9169
Email: chemotherapy5d81bccec97cdwhcg5d81bccec9804org5d81bccec9804au