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Victorian Tumour Summit program

Colorectal cancer in Victoria - Optimal care pathway data summary report

This report summarises the data analyses prepared for the 2018 Colorectal Cancer Summit. The Colorectal Cancer Summit is part of the Victorian Tumour Summits program, an initiative of the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services (ICS1) delivered in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services and Cancer Council Victoria. The summits support the broader program of work implementing the optimal care pathways (OCP). 

The first Colorectal Cancer Summit was held in Melbourne on 12 September 2014. In this summit, recommendations were made regarding multidisciplinary team meetings (MDM), monitoring treatment and the quality of data, as well as screening, colonoscopy and early diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Progress against some of these recommendations were reported at the most recent summit. For example, the proportion of stage III colon cancers receiving adjuvant chemotherapy and the proportion of rectal cancer patients with a documented MDM treatment plan were reported. Progress on all recommendations from the 2014 tumour summit can be found on the NEMICS website

The second Colorectal Cancer Summit, held in 2018, gathered more than 60 stakeholders from across Victoria to discuss variations in care and to identify opportunities for improvement. Data presented focused on the presentation, diagnosis and treatment steps of the colorectal cancer OCP. Stakeholders prioritised variations based on their potential impact on patient experiences and outcomes. Clinical commentary and recommendations from the summit are included in this report.

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