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Victorian Cancer Performance Monitoring Framework (VCPMF)

The Victorian Cancer Performance Monitoring project is a joint undertaking between the Victorian Integrated Cancers Services (VICS) and Cancer Strategy and Development, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The purpose of the project is to develop a cancer performance monitoring framework for evaluating the quality and outcomes of cancer care. These documents present the results of  cancer performance indicators using annual data.


Cancer Service Performance Indicators (CSPI)

The Department of Health and Human Services require the Integrated Cancer Services to perform an audit twice per year. The aim of the audit is to assess best practice in 4 key areas of cancer care: 
  1. Treatment planning - the proportion of patients who have a Multidisciplinary Meeting-derived treatment plan in their medical record
  2. Stage of disease - high quality treatment planning relies on decisions based on the patient's cancer stage, and so the audit looks at whether the patient's treatment plan has stage of disease recorded
  3. Communication of the treatment plan to the patient's General Practitioner is assessed to ensure the GP is aware of treatments the patient will be undergoing
  4. The final measure is whether the patient has been screened for Supportive Care needs, evidenced by a completed screen in their medical record. 

Cancer Service Performance Indicators - Data Collection Method 2017

Results of the Grampians ICS audit follow: