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Top 10 Noise Drivers of MDMs

Top 10 Noise Drivers of Multidisciplinary meetings 

in the Grampians Region

Multi Disciplinary Meetings (MDMs) are now an accepted best practice within health services for patients with a cancer diagnosis.  To ensure staff are utilising the most efficient systems and processes, a review of the MDM administrative processes is required.  GICS have engaged the Bevington Group to complete this review. The intention is to remove the inefficiencies in the process, and save time and hassle for both clinicians and admin staff.  

In the first phase of the project we have identified that there are 460 process steps involved in a MDM across 11 key roles.  In total, 700 hours is spent on organising and running multi-disciplinary meetings.  Of these 700 hours, 37% is spent on "noise" activity - which is non productive time.  Our top 10 noise drivers are:

  1. Late cases
  2. System issues
  3. Errors/missing information in case
  4. Duplicate/unnecessary discussion during MDM
  5. Delay to start of MDM due to late attendees
  6. Room access/equipment issues
  7. Unclear/missing information on treatment plan
  8. Additions to case after already submitted
  9. Missing/incorrect Pathology
  10. Duplicate information entered into MDM software
We have held an ideas generation workshop with people involved in MDMs to identify activities we can do to "reduce this noise, and are currently developing action plans to implement these suggestions.  For further information, please contact Joanne Gell.