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Stawell Oncology Transport Connections Program

Stawell Regional Health provides Oncology services, including cancer treatment, Oncologists, and a rehabilitation program. Public transport is limited and patients rely on family and friends to transport them during their illness. If transport is unavailable patients may miss appointments and report added stress.

Working closely with consumers, SRH assessed the current transport landscape and consumer demands. This program aimed to reduce the stress and burden of cancer treatment by creating an environment where patients can easily access treatment services in their time of illness.

The final project report highlighted three key recommendations:

1. Continue to lobby Public Transport Victoria to provide bus services to the hospital. 

2. Trial the use of a volunteer driven fleet vehicle. This will require a further $6,000 to fund this next phase of the project and currently SRH have applied for a small PCP grant (waiting for a response). 

3. Create a pamphlet explaining all the transport options. This is complete and available at the hospital, the hospital website, libraries, community groups etc.

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