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My Cancer Care Record

My Cancer Care Record

My Cancer Care Record (My CCR) is a hand held folder, designed specifically for newly-diagnosed patients affected by cancer. It seeks to help patients store, record and organise their cancer and other related health information. 

The folder has been designed by consumers for consumers, and is being trialled and distributed within 13 service providers across the Grampians and North Eastern Melbourne regions - as part of a partnership between North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (NEMICS) and GICS. 400 folders are being distributed to patients within the Grampians region.

Cancer carer Ian Kemp, is delighted, "My Cancer Care Record empowers patients and their carers to make informed decisions about their treatment options. It is something that allows clinicians and their care teams to develop information specifically for their patients. Patients can take copies of their test results, medications can be recorded, visits can be documented, questions for their next visit to an oncologist can be prepared in advance." 

A consultant has been engaged to provide an independent evaluation of the My CCR, and an interim report of the first 100 patient surveys was recently provided.  

Early findings indicate:
  • A usage rate of 75% by those survey respondents who chose to take a My CCR 
  • 97% of survey respondents found My CCR useful  
  • 40% said they would use My CCR if it was available as an App to use on a smart phone or tablet
Patients use it for the following purposes: 
    • to store medical and cancer related information (89%)
    • to record information  about appointments, education or contacts (79%)
    • to remember important medical details and information (68%) 
    • to share information with my family or friends (44%) 
Numerous suggestions for improving the My CCR were also identified. 

The distribution of folders phase ended in February, with follow up patient and staff surveys and focus groups being undertaken over the next few months. 

The final report is found here

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For further information contact
Glenn Reeves
Cancer Service Improvement Officer (GICS)
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