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My Cancer Care Record

My Cancer Care Record

My Cancer Care Record (My CCR) is a hand held folder, designed specifically for newly-diagnosed patients affected by cancer, and seeks to help them store, record and organise their cancer and other related health information. 

A unique aspect of the folder is that it has been designed by consumers for consumers, and will be trialed and distributed within 20 service providers across the Grampians and North Eastern Melbourne regions.

Patients and healthcare professionals within the North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (NEMICS) region recognised the need for a resource to support people affected by cancer to be more informed, actively involved, and in control of their care during treatment and in the future; to be provided with personally relevant information, and be better equipped to recall and communicate their health and cancer-related information. And as a result NEMICS developed the My CCR, and trailed 100 pilot records. 

With the success of the initial pilot project, GICS worked with NEMICS to further develop My CCR, and be able to offer 400 folders throughout the Grampians Region.

Cancer carer, Ian Kemp, is delighted, "My Cancer Care Record empowers patients and their carers to make informed decisions about their treatment options. It is something that allows clinicians and their care teams to develop information specifically for their patients. Patients can take copies of their test results, medications can be recorded, visits can be documented, questions for their next visit to an oncologist can be prepared in advance." Newly diagnosed cancer patients will be provided the resource.

The plan is to distribute 2,000 folders to cancer patients over a 6 month period as part of the pilot which will be evaluated by an independent consultant.

The FREE folders are available from healthcare professionals involved in the delivery of cancer related services.

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For further information contact
Glenn Reeves
Cancer Service Improvement Officer (GICS)
(03) 5320 4041