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Ballarat Health Services

Lymphoedema Surveillance Program

The Lymphoedema Program at Ballarat Health Services is keen to trial a new program in the Breast Cancer Clinic which will involve the provision of education and the taking of measurements to enable early detection of lymphoedema. 

Lymphoedema is a type of swelling and may occur as a result of treatment for breast cancer. It is a chronic condition which can adversely affect quality of life. The earlier lymphoedema is detected, and management is commenced, the more successful the effect of treatment. 

This trial will enable us to assess the benefits of early intervention and assist us to apply for ongoing funding.

Project progress

  • Surveillance started in October and will conclude at the end of March
  • Results are being entered into the database
  • Feedback from patients has been overwhelmingly positive, with patients happy to be measured on the day and not have to return for a separate appointment
  • Clinical staff are supportive of the project and working to facilitate smooth patient flow