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Grampians Cancer Data Access

GICS is able to supply data to health services (including list of UR numbers) for the purposes of informing service delivery and opportunities for improvement, demand and gap analysis, and for research purposes (provided appropriate ethics approval has been granted).  This represents an exciting opportunity, and will enable health services to better meet the demands of people affected by cancer in this region.  It will also enable more timely review of service performance in relation to delivery of cancer care.  

GICS has developed the Grampians Cancer Data Access Policy and Data Analysis Request Form to enable health care professionals working in the Grampians Region to apply for data and analysis reports - refer below:

GICS Data Analysis Request Policy
GICS Data Request Form
Summary Report: Information Needs of Cancer Health Care Professionals (Grampians Region)
Full Report: Information Need of Cancer Health Care Professionals (Grampians Region)