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GCCN 2017 Planning & Networking Day

2017 Regional Planning and Networking Day

Friday 11 August 2017 is the date of the second regional planning and networking day for nursing and allied health professionals. In response to regional health professionals requesting a networking opportunity, GICS sponsored the first networking and planning day in August 2016. Thirty-eight health professionals representing fifteen regional health services attended. 

Five priority activities were identified by 'dotmocracy' - all attendees exercised their preference with three dot votes. In priority order, the five are mapping services and capabilities and communicating this, streamlined referral processes, develop a network of coordinators, telehealth processes and communicating this to all and improving allied health representation on decision-making groups. The activities are at various stages of progress.

2017 participants will hear how these have progressed. We hope to find out more about what is happening in the region and set priorities for the next year. 

An opportunity to register will be coming soon. If you did not attend last year and are keen to be involved please email Lea Marshall, lea5973998c55979marshall5973998c55941bhs5973998c55979org5973998c55979au, with your expression of interest.