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GCCN 2017 Planning & Networking Day

2017 Regional Planning and Networking Day

The second regional planning and networking day occurred in August at East Grampians Health Service. Fifteen people from eight regional health and community organisations met.

The two priorities identified by voting are:
  1. Early referral to Allied Health, and improving the quality of that referral 
  2. Improving the Allied Health and Nursing voice in MDMs 

Ideas to improve 'Early referral to allied health and improving the quality of that referral' are to:
  • Provide education to other health professionals regarding the value of allied health involvement 
  • Streamline referral pathways to increase referrals
  • Use telehealth to provide mentoring by experienced clinicians to less experienced colleagues
  • Proactive involvement of allied health staff to actively increase referrals
  • Advocacy by Cancer Resource Nurses, regional care coordinators and clinical nurse specialists to others in the health sector
  • Allocate an allied health champion to work with the GCCN and LCG (Lead Clinicians Group) to make it a collaborative involvement
  • Use the Primary Care Partnership platform to support collective work related to this priority

'Improving the Allied health and Nursing voice in MDMs' can be progressed by:
  • Providing education to the medical teams regarding the value of allied health involvement
  • Incorporating the allied health & nursing voice within the overall context of the MDMs
Suggestions to raise the profile of nursing and allied health in the Grampians region are to:
  • Promote the value of nursing and allied health to others within the cancer care sector
  • Use the Optimal Care Pathways to improve referral to allied health 

Please contact Lea Marshall, on 5320 4044 or lea5d81c04096ca5marshall5d81c04096c6ebhs5d81c04096ca5org5d81c04096ca5au if you would like to know more.