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Rural Northwest Health

Expanded Cancer Resource Nurse Support

The role of the Cancer Resource Nurse (CRN) in the northwest region of the Grampians has proven successful in reducing stress for cancer patients, families and carers. 

The CRN has reduced the burden on our clients with cancer by way of:

  • Supportive care
  • Addressing psychosocial needs
  • Co-ordinating care
  • Advocating
  • Accessing treatment options closer to home
  • Assisting with funding, transport and accommodation
  • Providing information both written and verbal


The CRN helps patients through all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. This project plans to extend the reach of the CRN to Woomelang and provide adequate coverage when the CRN is on leave.

Project progress

  • A CRN has been employed, works 1 day a fortnight, is based in Woomelang on that day and is currently seeing patients
  • Given the remoteness of rural North West Victoria, the CRN is helping people access telehealth facilities. This is helping reduce the stress associated with travelling long distances
  • Funding the role finishes in early April 2017
  • The trial has been a success and additional funds are being sought to continue the role
  • The development of a support group will commence shortly