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A range of face to face and distance learning education options are available to meet the Grampians region workforce need. 

Improving care for those aged over 70 with cancer

Optimal Care Pathways (OCPs) define this expanding cohort as a population with special needs due to challenges in view of life expectancy and treatment tolerance. Issues such as function, comorbidity, and presence of geriatric syndromes, nutrition, polypharmacy, cognition, emotional status and social supports all require identification.

Elder abuse, health literacy, transport-related injury, fall prevention, feet and footwear, sexual health, social isolation and bone health are other issues to be considered.

Facets of cancer care during and after cancer treatment can be safely and effectively be managed by nursing and allied health professionals. The Grampians region ratio of nursing professionals to medical professionals is higher than the state average.

A comprehensive suite of education opportunities is being designed to increase nursing and allied health professional knowledge of addressing the need of growing population of people over 70. Blended learning opportunities are being planned for the remainder of 2017. Many of these opportunities will be complimentary to attend or to access. Developing an understanding in aspects of chronic disease management is an important skill for acute sector professionals. Our desire is to foster improved relationships with primary care to enhance shared care for those affected by cancer. 

For further details please contact Lea Marshall.