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Current Activities

Here is a snapshot of what we are doing to achieve our strategic goals in the areas of:

Strategic Intentions

Symptom Tracking & Patient Reported Outcomes   PROJECT LEAD: Glenn Reeves Symptom management research has demonstrated the effectiveness of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) using mobile technologies to stay in touch with patients. Patients receive a questionnaire by SMS asking them how they are feeling between treatments or post treatment. Read More Supportive Care for BAROC Patients   PROJECT LEAD: Lea Marshall This project involves the development of formal processes to ensure supportive care is planned for rural patients who are completing radiation therapy treatment at BAROC. Read More Community Based Psycho-Oncology Services   PROJECT LEAD: Kerry Davidson Clinical depression is highly prevalent in cancer patients and survivors. Undetected or under treated depression is associated with reduced quality of life. Collaborative care models in which hospital-based staff supervise community-based clinicians can lead to successful outcomes. Read More


GICS Cancer Plan Achievements   PROJECT LEAD: Joanne Gell The Victorian Cancer Plan 2016-2020 provides a framework for our work.┬áRecently, we reported to the DHHS our collective achievements in relation to the four year plan. ┬áIt's been a very useful and rewarding exercise as you realise the improvements that have been made when you reflect progress over a longer period of time. Read More Post COVID Surge Planning   PROJECT LEAD: Sharon Daly The number of diagnosed cancers has declined between by 12% since the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic. GICS is working with health services across the region to plan for the increase in service demand. Read More

Service Quality

Cancer Service Performance Audits   PROJECT LEAD: Sharon Daly The Victorian Cancer Performance Indicator program measures progress against the Victorian Government cancer reform policy Read More MDM Quality   PROJECT LEAD: Louise Patterson GICS is supporting the implementation of the MDM Quality Framework. This involves surveying MDM participants regarding their experiences - and this year include a focus on the experience of MDM in the COVID environment. Read More The Cancer Survivor Guide Podcast Series   PROJECT LEAD: Glenn Reeves Building on from the first podcast series aimed people with a new diagnosis of cancer, ABC Journalist Penny Johnson, has once again teamed up with health care professionals and people with experience of cancer to deliver podcasts focussing on achieving wellness. To visit the Cancer Survivor website, read more. Read More