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Better MDMs for Grampians project

Better MDMs for Grampians Region

GICS is undertaking a review of the administrative processes related to multi-disciplinary meetings (MDMs), in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, and to create a model of sustainability.   
GICS currently manages 7 MDM streams, totaling 112 meetings in 2015 and 115 meetings scheduled for 2016.  In 2014/15, 797 discussions occurred, for 626 individual patients.  GICS currently expends $165,000 pa resourcing the administration of MDMs, and has been coordinating these meetings since 2008. 

MDMs have now become accepted best practice within health services for patients with a cancer diagnosis, and there is now a push for health services to take on the administration of MDMs. In order to support health services with this transition, the review aims to ensure staff are utilising the most efficient systems and processes. 

Top 10 noise drivers of MDMs

November update
Following on from the Better MDMs workshop held in August, the GICS team have been working in the background on process improvement ideas, to reduce the amount of "noise" - or unproductive time in the MDM process.  These ideas are: 

  • Fix MDMOne system bugs for case submission and eliminate the lag between moving from one data field to another (completed, and evaluation commenced)
  • Develop focused questions for radiology and pathology to streamline their preparation of cases for MDMs, and ensure presentations are summarised, simple and to the point (in progress) 
  • Review of timeline for deadlines for late cases (in progress)
  • Optimal chairing of MDMs to maximise efficiency (Chair guidelines have been reviewed, and workshop for Chairs will be conducted in Feb 2017)
  • Develop a link to PAS (to enable pre-population of demographic information) to reduce time take to submit cases  (in progress awaiting feedback from BHS)
  • Create feedback loop on delays to commencement of MDMs and the costs involved (baseline data being collected for 3 MDMs - to be presented at the next round of MDMs)  
  • Use microphones for MDMs to reduce the need to repeat information (in progress)

For further information:

Contact Joanne Gell
Strategic Director (GICS)
5320 6728